Muslim Students Association at Georgia State University

Georgia State University is a diverse institution with about 30,000 students. It is located in the heart of Atlanta, a hubbub of commerce and industry. The Muslim Students Association at GSU is equally diverse; Comprising of students from all over the world!

We aspire to be a uniting medium for Muslims on and off campus. To that effect, we organize a plethora of events including Friday Prayers, lectures on various topics, weekly outreach tables about MSA and Islam, Islamic awareness events for GSU students, and social events like picnics, eat-outs e.t.c. Our diversity greatly enhances the quality of our events. Different modus operandi also make every event have its own distinct touch!

Our sole purpose is to achieve the pleasure of Allah (swt) in accordance with the following verse from the Qur'an:
"And hold fast, all of you together, to the Rope of Allah, and be not divided among yourselves, and remember Allah's Favour on you, for you were enemies one to another but He joined your hearts together, so that, by His Grace, you became brethren (in Islamic Faith), and you were on the brink of a pit of Fire, and He saved you from it. Thus Allah makes His Ayat (proofs, evidences, verses, lessons, signs, revelations, etc.,) clear to you, that you may be guided."
-Surah Al-Imran (3:103)

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New Halaqah added to your Weekly Schedule!

And now, to complete your week, we are adding a 2nd Halaqah (starting today!) led by Maulana Faizan Wahid every Tuesday from 12-1 PM in University Center Room 402 covering the basics of Fiqh! Don't forget we also hold a Halaqah taught by Hafiz Shakib Ahmed Wednesdays 1-2 PM (now in UC Room 402), Da'wah Table Wednesdays 12-1 PM and Thursdays 1-2 PM and of course a weekly Jumu'ah Salat on campus! #MSA#GSU #Halaqah #Fiqh #UC402

Basics of Fiqh

Wednesday Halaqah